Secure, swift , scalable and affordable SCADA platform 

One-stop shop for all your IoT needs. Empower your business by developing scalable IoT applications over the platform easily or augment readily available IoT solutions catering to multiple verticals.

Comprehensive Features

  • Device Management
  • Edge computing
  • Developer tools/portal
  • Alarm and Notification
  • Dashboards
  • Analytics & Reports
  • Commands and Control
  • User Management
  • Client management
  • Life tracking and maps
  • Third-party integrations
  • Data security & privacy

Industrial IOT Solutions

Monitoring machine in real-time while ensuring optimal performance is crucial. Our solution  Helps valuable assets to improve OCC, minimize equipment failure, proactive maintenance, etc.

Energy Management

Plan and manage your energy consumption patterns in commercial & industrial sectors. Take full control of your energy data at a fundamental level while reducing your energy costs.

Indoor Air Quality

Continually monitor temperature, humidity, CO2, particulate matter, VOC, virus etc. from anywhere across the globe. Identify sick building syndrome and trigger automatic alerts and notifications based on the parameters and flow of people.

Smart Building

Deploy single building systems for BMS, BAS, and EMS. Fire & Safety, Access systems, facilities, etc., to reduce energy usage, maximize operational efficiency, and improve comfort.

Water Management

Optimize water usage and monitor water consumption, water flow pressure, leakage, etc. Reduce operational costs perform perdictive maintenance , get instant alerts on leakage and more

Asset Management

Gather real-time insight on DG/Ciller/AHU performance. condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, Utilization, energy comparison metrics etc. to increase the performance, uptime and longevity of assets.

Environmental Sustainability

Optimize environmental processes and resources through monitoring and management, fostering sustainable practices and reducing ecological impact.

Renewable Energy

Monitor the operations of light-bulding-wise/ floor -wise/room-wise securely with a centralized monitoring system. Reduce energy consumption, operation and manpower costs. Remotely operate lights on single touch and schedule timing.

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